We are now open for FRANCHISING !


has opened its door to Master Franchising. The Master Frashisee will be assigned a certain territory where it can grow Inkman Shops, Inkman Refilling Center or Inkman Printing Center. In this expansion scheme, all Inkman Shops, Inkman Refilling Center or Inkman Printing Center that will be opened in their respective territory will be assigned under the care of the Master Franchisee. The Master Franchisee shall share Franchisor’s rights to offer franchise, support and monitor the operations of all Inkman Shops, Inkman Refilling Center or Inkman Printing Center in their territory. The Master Franchisee will be required to operate ONE (1) regular Inkman Shop that shall serve as an Inkman’s Supplies Distribution Center that will primarily support the needs of all Inkman Shops, Inkman Refilling Center or Inkman Printing Center in their territory.

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Qualification of Master Franchisee:

1. An applicant for a Master Franchise shall have the capacity to operate in the territory that he/she proposes to operate.

2. An applicant shall invest and operate ONE (1) Regular Inkman Shop for at least 6 months. A regular store shall have enough space to accommodate an office, a warehouse for supplies, display rack for supplies and printers, refilling area and printing area.

3. An applicant is willing to put at least SIX (6) shops inclusive of its (1) regular shop and the other can be an Inkman Refilling Center or an Inkman Printing Center WITHIN TWO (2) years. The Master Franchisee may opt to put the other FIVE (5) as its own shop or offer it to other interested Franchisee who is willing to operate in its assigned territory.
4. An applicant must be willing to undergo training in order to capacitate himself to manage the regular shop and the other FIVE (5) shops. This is whether as owned or that of other franchisee in the specified territory that will be served by the regular shop or Inkman Distribution Center. The Master Franchisee or his representative must undergo the following training:     
     a. Store Operations – Operation Manual Familarization Module                     
     b. Financial Operations – Financ e and Accounting manual familiarization Module
     c. Technical Operations – Technical Continuing Training Module
     d. Marketing and Sales Operations- Marketing Strategy and Sales, Promotion and
         Advertising Campaigns
     e. Management and Control Operations – Management and Financial Control System.
5. An applicant must have the time to attend Quarterly Franchise Conference and Meeting that will be regularly held in Manila for updating of Franchisees’ operation performance, Inkman new policies, and new developments in the prints and inks industry..

1. The Master Franchisee pays only:
    a. The Franchise Fee or P200,000 for ONE (1) regular shop and FIVE (5) other Inkman             Center.
    b. Royalty Fee of P2,500.00 for ONE (1) regular shop and FIVE (5) other Inkman Center.
    c. Advertising Fees of PhP2,000.00 for ONE (1) regular shop and FIVE (5) other Inkman           Center.
2. However in the event that other (5) inkman shops will be owned by another           franchisees the Master Franchisee will be entitled to get
    a. 50% of Franchise Fee
    b. 50% of the Royalty Fee
    c. 50% of the Advertising Fee
3. The Master Franchise, operating as the Inkman’s Supplies Distribution Center earns 20% outright discount on all supplies ordered. The Master Franchise will also enjoy bulk purchase discounts and shall have overrides on purchases made by the other Inkman Franchisees in the territory where it operates.

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