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Premier provider of quality ink products in the Philippines. 

It all started in the 1990's, when the Philippine’s electronic technology system was being overwhelmed by the massive influx of imported computer printers. These advanced printers were a great success among small scale Filipino business enterprises and households because of relatively affordable prices.How, the exorbitant printer cartridges were scaled painfully high in the Filipino consumer’s buying range and became a major industry problem. Soon, it became apparent that buying new printer cartridges actually exceeded the cost of the printers themselves. And the continuous usage of these printers meant buying more cartridges that made the cost even bigger.

In 1999, it came up with a working and financially viable ink recycling system. This ink recycling system was envisioned to help consumers with their printing while conforming to the high standards of the industry.

Hence, Ink-Man® Philippines started its business operations. It now provides its consumers with the perfect alternative to expensive imported cartridges. Using the simple principles of recycling, printer usage has become more economical for our consumers and more environment-friendly.

Today, Ink-Man® Philippines continues to be the premier provider of quality ink products in the Philippines. Further, it is continuously innovating and technologically upgrading its capabilities on how it can give its consumers through the franchisees the perfect quality yet affordable products and services.

Why Choose Us?

We applied German technology on cartridge recycling and western ideas on customer services which was brought last mid 2000 by the then new manager Mr. Mubarik Cheema. Since then, a brand new system was implemented and from time to time Ink-man updates new products through thorough researches and experimentation. Thus, brand new products were quality-controlled and ultimately laboratory-tested before the release to the end users. Now, Ink-Man is the undisputed supplier of
brand new high quality compatible products and premier provider of quality inks with excellent customer service.



To be the leader in providing superb ink products and dependable ink-refill service perfectly suited to meet every Filipino consumer’s budget and requirement.



To constantly develop innovative alternatives to expensive ink cartridges.
To consistently spearhead the improvement of the contemporary ink recycling industry.
To continually focus on assisting the Filipino consumer, contribute to the Philippine economy and protect the environment by rendering reliable service for computer printer needs.

Ink-Man’s commitment is to provide the worth of our customer’s money in all its products and services.

• Seven (7) days warranty
• Guarantee on product quality
• Service of a technically trained and reliable assistants
• Technical installation of printer cartridges


Early in 2008, Ink-Man came up with a new concept that will serve every customer’s need for a low-priced and clear ink-jet print-outs for any document. Customers can enjoy the value of printing for as low as P1.00 per page without worrying for the cost of ink. Be it for a students’ school paper, to an entrepreneur’s brochure, or Professional Documents, Piso Printing understands our finances… thus, helping customers save more on their money, yet offering a good quality print out.

Further to the success of the Piso Printing Concept, Ink-man now offers Digital Photo Prints. We use the best quality Ink and Photo Paper which are waterproof and lasts for years.

Ink-Man sells printer consumables & related products on a wholesale/retail basis for selected HP, CANON, EPSON, BROTHER, SAMSUNG, KYOCERA, KONIKA MINOLTA,FUJIXEROX, XEROX PHASER, and PANASONIC.

• Original cartridges & Toners
• Compatible cartridges & Toners
• Remanufactured cartridges & Toners
• Refill kits and Refill inks
• Ribbons
• Photo papers and Bond papers

Main Office:
Zone 4, San Jose, Iriga City. 


Phone: (02)9759982